Questions and Answers

This page contains questions and answers on a variety of topics, mostly from the problem sets. These discussions originally took place in the course forum between students, the teaching assistant, and the professor. Users with Javascript enabled can click on each question to see the answer or further discussion. Click again to hide each thread when you're done.

Question 1: Problem 1-1d
Question 2: Problem 1-3
Question 3: Problem 2-1, Young's Modulus and Poisson's Ratio
Question 4: Problem 2-2b
Question 5: Problem 3-1c
Question 6: Problem 3-2c
Question 7: Problem Set 3, Mohr's circle definition of alpha
Question 8: Problem 4-2a
Question 9: Problem 5-1b
Question 10: Problem 5-1c
Question 11: Problem 5-1e
Question 12: Problem 5-2a
Question 13: Problem 6-2
Question 14: Questions about toughening
Question 15: Prime stiffness and compliance tensor