Contest Rules

6.370 is open to all currently registered MIT, Harvard and Wellesley students, undergraduate or graduate, excepting 6.370 organizers and contributers to the 6.370 code base.

Entrants may compete individually or form teams of up to 3 students. Registered teams must be mutually exclusive.

Students registered through WebSIS can expect to receive 6 general elective credits if their team produces a working player. Note that attendance at the final tournament on Jan. 29 is required to receive credit. Harvard and Wellesley students may cross-register for course credit.

Students are eligible for 6 Engineering Design Points if their team produces a player that can beat the "reference player" provided during IAP. EDPs are awarded regardless of performance in the 6.370 tournament.

Past 6.370 entrants may compete with no penalties and are again eligible for 6 credits and 6 EDPs.

Students who wish to compete as finalists in the final tournament must be available on Jan. 28 for the Finalists Celebration with sponsor company representatives.

All code a team submits must be the original work of members on that team.

All submitted code becomes the property of the 6.370 competition.