SUBJECT: Lattices 2D

DESCRIPTION: Lattices 2D simulates the interaction of charged particles in a two dimensional plane. The particles interact via the classical Coulomb force, as well as the repulsive quantum-mechanical Pauli force, which acts at close distances (accounting for the "collisions" between them). Additionally, the motion of the particles is damped by a term proportional to their velocity, allowing them to "settle down" into stable (or meta-stable) states.

In this simulation, the proportionality of the Coulomb and Pauli forces has been adjusted to allow for lattice formation, as one might see in a crystal. The "preferred" stable state is a rectangular lattice, although other formations are possible depending on the number of particles and their initial positions.

New feature: Selecting a particle and pressing "f" will toggle fieldlines illustrating the local field around that particle. Performance varies depending on the number of particles / fieldlines in the simulation.

VISUALIZATION: Fullscreen Version