MAS 965 : Social Visualizations
Tripti Gore Chandorkar

Assignment 3

Online Conversation Visualization : For the purpose of this exercise, I visualized an Instant messenger chat between myself and a friend. The image reads from top to bottom. The two black side bars are the two participnats. I, who initiated the chat am on the left and my friend on the right of the image. The first image shows how I initiated the chat by asking a question and I was always the lead person in the chat.

I ask a question to hook my friend into the chat as shown by the first two hooked red curves. I am the one askng most of the questions(red hooks) to keep my friend involved in the chat. Plain statements are denoted by red straight lines. The drooping grey lines show dullness and lack of enthusiasm in speech(IM words) whereas the red cur ve going up depicts an upbeat comment. Towards the end of the conversation, the friend starts showing disinterest in the conversation by telling me that she is busy and her statements become smaller and smaller, finally ending the conversation.