MAS 965 : Social Visualizations
Tripti Gore Chandorkar

Final project

Theme: Past ten years of the IEEE Information Visualization conference

Data: InfoViz 2004 Contest Dataset (614 papers, 1161 authors, 8502 references)

My project: Visualization of co-authorship networks and their evolution patterns of the three most influential authors in IEEE Information Visualization conference over the past thirteen years


Comparison of co-authorship networks of Ben Shneiderman, J. Mackinlay and S. Card (top three authors)

Citation in detail

As seen in the figure above, Ben Shneiderman's network works very exclusively of J.Mackinlay's and S.Card 's networks. The latter two are very close knit are almost like one network. Let us see how exclusive are their themes of research ?

Individual networks up close:

Ben Schneiderman J. Mackinlay S. Card
Shneiderman Numbers Mackinlay Numbers Card Numbers


Note: Most of the papers used in these visualizations belong to IEEE Information Visualization Conference except some which were authored outside the conference but have been frequently cited by other InfoViz authors.