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EDICS, or Engineering Design Instructional Computer System, is an interactive multimedia program started in 1981by Seichi Tsutsumi, a film maker and former Industrial Liaison Program officer, and mechanical-engineering professor David Gordon Wilson, principal investigator. Professors Ernesto Blanco, Woodie Flowers and other colleagues also contributed to the project. The original program, which consisted of three chapters on bearings, rotors and cylinders, lets students with little background in engineering learn about procedures on a computer with text, graphics, animation, sound and diagrams. Students can easily move from one section to another, depending on how much time they require to master the information. A great deal of the work was carried out by graduate and undergraduate students, who are acknowledged under "Credits".

Technical Requirements:

You must have Shockwave Player 10.0 or greater installed to use this interactive multimedia program. To view the movies in the program you must have QuickTime 5 or greater installed.

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