Policy Memo Papers 

The course requires three short (750 word) and one long (3,000 word) policy memo papers.

Short Policy Memo Papers

You will work alone, applying concepts and theories from class to address a contemporary policy problem. Format should generally be the following:

  • Short introduction to the problem (what, where, why, when, and who)
  • Brief discussion of current policy
  • Your proposed solution, written in such a way as to clearly flag how you are incorporating class concepts, ideas, and theories. This should be oriented toward a policymaker who does not have explicit knowledge of IR theory and concepts (e.g. do not write “realism / liberalism / constructivism says X” but rather use ideas and concepts from the theories to make your case)

Long Policy Memo Papers

  • You will work in pairs to develop a longer policy paper, providing greater detail than the short papers on the problem (specifically, greater effort at explaining why is it a problem), the current measures addressing it, and your proposed solution. A penultimate draft will be distributed to another group for peer review. The quality of the peer review you undertake will factor into your grade for this assignment (25 percent of assignment grade). Your grade will also be based on improvements made to the draft in response to the peer review.

For detailed information, see Individual Short Policy Memo (PDF), and Long Policy Memo (PDF).

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