[BSO] = Baylis, John, Steve Smith, and Patricia Owens, eds. The Globalization of World Politics: An Introduction to International Relations. 7th edition. Oxford University Press, 2017. ISBN: 9780198739852. [Preview with Google Books]

[BL] = Buzan, Barry, and Richard Little. International Systems in World History: Remaking the Study of International Relations. Oxford University Press, 2000. ISBN: 9780198780656.

There are no readings assigned for Session 15 (the midterm exam) and Session 27 (the final exam). 

Laying the Theoretical Foundations
1 Introduction, Syllabus

[BSO] Lawson, George. Chapter 2: The Rise of the Modern International Order. [Preview with Google Books]

[BSO] Scott, Len. Chapter 3: International History 1990–99. [Preview with Google Books]

2 Realism [BSO] Dunne, Tim, and Brian C. Schmidt. Chapter 6: Realism. [Preview with Google Books]
3 Liberalism [BSO] Dunne, Tim. Chapter 7: Liberalism. [Preview with Google Books]
4 Marxism [BSO] Hobden, Stephen, and Richard Wyn Jones. Chapter 8: Marxist Theories of International Relations. [Preview with Google Books]
5 Global Political Economy [BSO] Phillips, Nicola. Chapter 16: Global Political Economy. 
6 Constructivism [BSO] Barnett, Michael. Chapter 9: Social Constructivism. [Preview with Google Books]



[BSO] Hansen, Lene. Chapter 10: Poststructuralism. 

[BSO] Sylvester, Christine. Chapter 11: Post-colonialism. 

Re-examining IR Theory and History
8 Challenging IR Theory

[BL] “Introduction.”

[BL] Chapter 1: Systems, History, Theory, and the Study of International Relations.

[BL] Chapter 2: Competing Conceptions of the International System.

9 Theoretical Toolkit I & II [BL] Chapter 4: The Theoretical Toolkit of this Book.

[BL] Chapter 5: Establishing Criteria for International Systems.

10 Pre-international Systems [BL] Chapter 6: The Origins of Pre-international Systems.

[BL] Chapter 7: The Transition from Pre-international to International Systems.

11 Ancient and Classical Systems I & II

[BL] Chapter 8: The New Units: City-States, Empires, and Barbarians as the Main Actors of the Ancient and Classical World.

[BL] Chapter 9: Interaction Capacity in Ancient and Classical International Systems.

12 Ancient and Classical Systems III [BL] Chapter 10: Process in Ancient and Classical International Systems.

[BL] Chapter 11: Structure in Ancient and Classical International Systems.

13 Modern System I & II [BL] Chapter 12: Units in the Modern International System.

[BL] Chapter 13: Interaction Capacity Structure in the Modern International System.

14 Modern System III [BL] Chapter 14: Process in the Modern International System.

[BL] Chapter 15: Structure in the Modern International System.

Actors, Institutions, and Issues in International Relations
16 Postmodern System / World History and IR [BL] Chapter 16: Outlook: A Postmodern International System?

[BL] Chapter 17: What World History Tells us about International Relations Theory.

17 Environmental Issues [BSO] Vogler, John. Chapter 24: Environmental Issues. [Preview with Google Books]

United Nations

International Law

[BSO] Reus-Smit, Christian. Chapter 19: International Law. [Preview with Google Books]

[BSO] Curtis, Devon E.A., and Paul Taylor. Chapter 21: The United Nations. 


International Organizations

NGOs in World Politics

[BSO] Park, Susan. Chapter 20: International Organizations in World Politics. 

[BSO] Joachim, Jutta. Chapter 22: NGOs in World Politics. 



International and Global Security

[BSO] Barkawi, Tarak. Chapter 14: War and World Politics. [Preview with Google Books]

[BSO] Baylis, John. Chapter 15: International and Global Security. [Preview with Google Books]


Human Security

Terrorism and Globalization

[BSO] Kiras, James D. Chapter 25: Terrorism and Globalization. 

[BSO] Donnelly, Jack. Chapter 31: Human Rights. 

22 WMD Proliferation [BSO] Greitens, Sheena Chestnut. Chapter 26: Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Human Rights

Poverty, Development, and Hunger

[BSO] Evans, Tony, and Caroline Thomas. Chapter 29: Poverty, Hunger, and Development. 

[BSO] Donnelly, Jack. Chapter 31: Human Rights. 

24 Global Trade and Finance [BSO] Watson, Matthew. Chapter 28: Global Trade and Global Finance. 



[BSO] Kirby, Paul. Chapter 17: Gender. 

[BSO] Shilliam, Robbie. Chapter 18: Race in World Politics. 



Culture in World Affairs

[BSO] Breuilly, John. Chapter 27: Nationalism, National Self-determination, and International Relations. 

 Brueilly, John. “Nationalism.” Chapter 25 in The Globalization of World Politics: An Introduction to International Relations. 6th edition. Edited by John Baylis, Steve Smith, and Patricia Owens. Oxford University Press, 2014. ISBN: 9780199656172. 

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