Part 1: Introduction
1 Problems of Measuring Effects and Causes  
2 Multivariate Regression  
Part 2: Matrix Algebra
3 Matrix Algebra - Vectors and Matrices, Addition, Multiplication  
4 Matrix Algebra - Determinants and Inverses  
5 Matrix Algebra - Inverses and Quadratics  
6 Matrix Algebra - Differentiation and Optimization  
Part 3: Regression Model

Model and Interpretation 
Projections and Partial Regression Plots

Properties: Unbiasedness and Bias

8 Properties of Estimates  
9 Variance and Confidence Intervals  
10 Prediction  
11 Hypothesis Tests and Model Selection  
12 Maximum Likelihood Estimation  
13 Qualitative Dependent Variables: Probit and Logit  
    Mid-term exam
14 Sources of Inefficiency: Heteroskedasticity and Weighting  
15 Bootstrapping and Quantile Regression  
Part 4: Quasi-Experiments
16 Panel Models  
17 Panel Models (cont.)  
18 Instrumental Variables  
19 Instrumental Variables (cont.)  
20 Research Design  

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