The problem sets (PDF) are a list of problems for practice. A subset of these problems will be designated as to-be-turned in. Only the designated problems are required to be submitted. Bonus problems, marked by ★, are more challenging. A grade of A- may be attained by only solving the non-starred problems. To attain a grade of A or A+, you should solve a substantial number of starred problems.

Problem set 1 A3, A5, A6, A7★, A8★, A10, A11, A12★, A13 (a, b★), A14★, and A16
Problem set 2 B3, B4, B5, B7★, B8★, B9★, C2, C3, and C4 
Problem set 3 C6, C7, C8★, C9★, C10★, C11, D2, D5★, D6, and D7 (a, b★)
Problem set 4 E1, E3, E4★, E6, E8, E9★, E10★, E12 (a, b★), E13d★, E14, and E15★
Problem set 5 F2, F3a, F3b, F5★, F6★, G2, G3a, G4, and G5★ 
Problem set 6 H1, H4★, H5★, H7, H8, H9★, H10★, H11, H12★, H14, H15★, I4★, I5★, and I6

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