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Other References

Lewis, Edward V. “Resistance and Propulsion.” Principles of Naval Architecture. Vol. II. Jersey City, NJ: Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, 1988. ISBN: 9780939773008.

Van Wylen, Gordon J., and Richard E. Sonntag. Fundamentals of Classical Thermodynamics. New York, NY: Wiley, 1973. ISBN: 9780471041887.

Reference Texts for 2.611 (PDF)

Reading Assignments by Lecture

1 Resistance and propulsion (propulsors)

Lewis: Chapter 6, sections 1-4 (skim sections 2.4, 2.5, and 2.6), and pp. 171-183.

Woud and Stapersma: Sections 3.4, 3.6 (Resistance and propulsion), 6.6 (Propellers), and Chapter 10.0 (Propellers cavitation).



Waterjet notes

Lewis: pp. 181-183. (PDF) (Courtesy of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. Used with permission.)
5 First law

Woud and Stapersma: Chapter 2, section 2.2 (pp. 10-19).

More detailed material on thermo is available in Van Wylen and Sonntag, chapters 5 through 8.

9 Propeller lifting line theory (Dr. Rich Kimball) Woud and Stapersma: Chapters 4 through 6.2.
12 Combustion

Woud and Stapersma: Section 2.2.3, pp. 19-22.

Also look over the lecture notes and handouts.

14 Basic dual cycle diesel notes

Ship Power Systems 2006. A Wartsila brochure.

Woud and Stapersma: Chapter 7.

16 Diesel (cont.) or catch-up

Bleby, Mike. “Exhaust Emissions Reduction New Technology for Diesel Engines.” Presentation, ASNE Advanced Naval Propulsion Symposium, 2004.

Aboujaoude, Frank. “Advanced Diesel Engine Technology Applied to the PA6B Engine.” Presentation, ASNE Advanced Naval Propulsion Symposium, 2004.


Polytropic efficiency

Brayton cycle summary 2005

Woud and Stapersma: Chapter 8.
20 Motors and generators overview Woud and Stapersma: Section 2.3 (Basic electrical principles), section 5.3 (Electrical concepts), and chapter 9 (Electrical components).

Excerpt from standard handbook off machine design

Gear geometry

Helical gear geometry

Shigley, Joseph E., Charles R. Mischke, and Thomas H. Brown. Standard Handbook of Machine Design. 3rd ed. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill, 2004, chapters 9 and 10. ISBN: 9780071441643.

Woud and Stapersma: Sections 3.4.3, 5.2.3, 5.2.4, 6.4, 6.4.3, 11.3.3, and 11.4.6.


Review, catch-up

Air independent propulsion

Woud and Stapersma: Section 6.2.4.

Air-Independent Propulsion: AIP Technology Creates a New Undersea Threat (PDF) (Courtesy of the U.S. Navy.)

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