Lecture Notes

This section features the lecture notes which were provided to students throuhgout the course. Please note that not all lecture sessions have lecture notes.

1 Introductory Session
2 The Classical Compatibilist Account (PDF)

Refining the Consequence Argument and “Could have done otherwise” (PDF)

Additional Notes on Modal Logic (PDF) and Counterfactuals (PDF)

4 Denying Closure of Unavoidability (PDF)
5 Lewis on Law Breaking
6 Modal Metaphysics (PDF)
7 More Modal Metaphysics (PDF)
8 Libertarianism I (PDF)
9 Libertarianism II (PDF)
10 Time Travel
11 Frankfurt on Alternate Possibilities (PDF)
12 Reactions to Frankfurt
13 Strawson (PDF)
14 Reactions to Strawson (PDF)
15 Frankfurt’s Higher Order Account (PDF)
16 Reactions to Frankfurt
17 Reason Responsiveness; Wolf (PDF)
18 Choosing; Intentions; Weakness of Will
19 Choice and Freedom (PDF)
20 Choice and Knowledge (PDF)
21 Empirical Work: Social Psychology I (PDF)
22 Empirical Work: Social Psychology II (PDF)
23 Addiction (PDF)

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