Lecture Notes

The course is organized into the following four units:

  1. Energy basics
  2. Energy sources, uses, and infrastructure
  3. Community energy project
  4. Presentation and reporting

Project work (Unit 3) was completed throughout the term.

A selection of lecture notes are available below. Many of the lectures were given by guest speakers. Lectures were given during the following sessions. All other sessions were devoted to project work and presentations.

1 1 1.1 Introductions/energy basics

Session 1.1 handout (PDF)

General energy picture (PDF)

Prof. Jeffery Steinfeld
2 1.2 Energy basics (cont.)

Session 1.2 handout (PDF)

Energy calculator guidance (PDF)

Personal energy calculator (PDF)

Prof. Jeffery Steinfeld
2 3 1.3 Energy basics (cont.)    
4 1.4 Energy basics (cont.) Thermodynamics handout (PDF) Prof. Jeffery Steinfeld
3 6 1.5 Climate Session 1.5 handout (PDF)  
7 1.6 Energy economics Engineering economics Prof. Randall Kirchain
4 10 2.1 Alternative/renewable energy    
11 2.2 Building energy Energy efficient buildings Prof. Leon Glicksman
5 12 2.3 Mobility Energy consumption Prof. John Heywood
13 2.4 Energy conversion Energy conversion Prof. Ahmed Ghoniem
14 2.5 Energy storage/distribution Electrochemical pathways towards sustainability Prof. Donald Sadoway
6 15 2.6 A systems perspective    
16 4.1 Practicum on public speaking Public speaking presentation (PDF)  
17 2.7 Local energy systems - MIT MIT campus energy systems Peter Cooper and Steven Lanou
7 18 2.8 Local energy systems - Cambridge Energy in Cambridge John Bolduc
8 22 3.6 Social dimensions Social aspects of energy systems Kate Steel
9 24 4.2 Practicum on writing for the public   Dr. Amanda Graham

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