Unit 3

Queuing Network Models

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This lecture introduces queuing network models and simulations. It also prepares students to read the code they are asked to study in preparation for the final exam.

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Topics covered: Queuing network simulations, Poisson distributions, wait time, queue length, server utilization, FIFO, LIFO, SRPT.


Check Yourself

What is meant by queue discipline?

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Queue discipline is the rule by which we select the next ‘customer’ to be served. Changing the queue discipline can potentially reduce overall processing time.

What does FIFO stand for?

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First in, first out: for example, standing in line. It is also known as FCFS (first come, first served).

What does LIFO stand for?

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Last in, first out: for example, a stack.

What does SRPT stand for?

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Shortest remaining processing time: this results in the shortest average wait time.

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