Written Assignment (Due Week 7)

Students will be provided with only the figures and captions from a published paper and asked to interpret the data in the form of an abstract describing the paper. The abstract should provide a brief introduction to the paper’s topic, a summary of the results, and an interpretation of the significance and broader impact of the results. Do Not Look Up The Paper.

Oral Presentation (Due in the Final Class)

Students will be provided with a list of articles selected by the instructors but not discussed in class. Students will choose a paper to discuss, either from this list or from their own literature search. Paper choice must be approved by instructors by Week 8. Papers will be presented via a 15-minute oral presentation followed by a 5-minute group discussion / Q&A. The presentation should provide a critical analysis, rather than just a summary, of the data, the controls, and the published interpretations. The presenter should also discuss the relevance of the paper to the course topic and the field and whether the authors’ conclusions were justified, and suggest potential follow-up experiments and directions.