1 Introduction
2 Chromatin Functions to Define Cell State
3 Chromatin Structure and Discovery of Chromatin Modifying Enzymes
4 Methylation and the Emergence of the “Histone Code”
5 Heritable Gene Expression via Epigenetic Modification of Chromatin
6 Regulators of Pluripotency and Differentiation of Stem Cells
7 Tour of Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research Laboratories
8 Regulation of Early Development by Polycomb Proteins
9 Master Regulators of Differentiation: The Story of MyoD
10 Chromatin Modifications During Development
11 Transdifferentiation, Dedifferentiation, and the Adoption of Alternate Cell Fates
12 When Regulators Go Bad: Misregulation of Chromatin Modifiers in Cancer
13 Oral Presentation of Research Proposals
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Fall 2006
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