1 Introduction  
2 The Discovery of RNA Interference  
3 The Basic Mechanism of RNAi  
4 Physiological Relevance of the RNAi Pathway  
5 Short-interfering RNAs (siRNAs) and their Delivery to Cells  
6 Stable Expression of siRNA: Short Hairpins and Expression Vectors  
7 Generation of Transgenic Animals for in vivo Silencing  
8 Field Trip to Mouse-transgenesis Facility Assignment 1 due
9 Discussion of First Written Assignment Choose journal article papers for second assignment
10 Design of Potent siRNA Sequences  
11 Large-scale Genetic Analyses Using RNAi  
12 Student Oral Presentations of their Chosen Papers Assignment 2 due
13 Using RNAi in the Prevention of Disease  
14 Course Summary and Discussion on the Future of RNAi  

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