Students are provided with experiment kits and this instruction manual for doing several carefully designed experiments relevant to the course material at home. The purpose of these experiments is to give a first hand knowledge of some of the simple physical phenomena associated with vibrations and waves.

Take Home Experiments Instruction Manual Table of Contents (PDF)

  • Experiment #1: Influence of Mass on Damping of a Pendulum (PDF).
  • Experiment #2: Coupled Oscillator, Resonance, and Normal Modes (PDF).
  • Experiment #3: Vibrating String: Resonance in a Continuous System (PDF).
  • Experiment #4: Scattering of Light (PDF).
  • Experiment #5: Reflection of Light: The Fresnel Equations (PDF).
  • Experiment #6: Thin Film Interference, Dry (PDF).
  • Experiment #7: Thin Film Interference, Wet (PDF).
  • Experiment #8: Diffraction of Light (PDF).
  • Experiment #9: Transmission Grating (PDF).

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