Lecture Notes

Lecture 1: Introduction to Vibrations and Waves: Course Overview (PDF)
Lecture 2: Simple Harmonic Motion (PDF)
Lecture 3: Harmonically Driven Damped Harmonic Oscillator (PDF)
Lecture 4: Complete Solution to the Harmonically Driven Oscillator (PDF)
Lecture 5: Coupled Oscillators (PDF)
Lecture 6: Driven Coupled Oscillators (PDF)
Lecture 7: The Wave Equation, Solutions to the Wave Equation (PDF)
Lecture 8: Boundary Conditions Applied to Pulses and Waves (PDF)
Lecture 9: Wave Equation in 2D and 3D, Time-independent Fourier Analysis (PDF)
Lecture 10: Fourier Analysis (PDF)
Lecture 11: Fourier Analysis with Traveling Waves, Dispersion (PDF)
Lecture 12: Electromagnetic Wave Equation (PDF)
Lecture 13: Plane polarized EM Waves (PDF)
Lecture 14: Dipole Radiation (PDF)
Lecture 15: EM Waves Meet Conductors, Transmission Lines (PDF)
Lecture 16: EM Waves Meet Conductors, Waveguides (PDF)
Lecture 17: EM Waves Meet Dielectrics (PDF)
Lecture 18: Interference (PDF)
Lecture 19: Interference from Multiple Sources (PDF)
Lecture 20: Diffraction (PDF)
Lecture 21: Diffraction + Interference, Diffraction Gratings (PDF)

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