Acclimating Students to Active Learning

In this section, Prof. Hall discusses how he introduces students to active learning and how he helps them adjust to this new learning approach.

Adjusting to Active Learning

They're not used to being so exposed in the classroom… But in a situation like this everyone's answer is visible.

— Prof. Steven Hall

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In this video, Prof. Steven Hall discusses how he introduces students to the active learning
format of 16.06. He relates how students come to embrace the format that initially makes
them feel vulnerable.

Offer Notes to Capture Active Learning Sessions

Students want to walk away from a recitation with notes and if they are at a blackboard working for the entire hour, they don't have any notes to take with them. They worry that they'll forget the lessons they learned or that they won't have an exemplar of the kind of problems that they can solve. One of the things that we make sure we do is that for each of the recitation problems, we post the problem and solution methods on the web after class. That goes maybe 80 percent of the way to alleviating that problem for students.