Problems sets from the semester, along with sample solutions for problem sets 1 and 2, are presented here. All work is courtesy of the students named, and used with permission.

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Problem Set 1 (PDF)


Brian Bairstow (PDF)

Larry Bush (PDF)

Thomas Coffee (PDF)

Shuonan Dong (PDF)

Kaijen Hsiao (PDF)

Jason Miller (PDF)

Henry Lefebvre de Plinval-Salgues (PDF)

Jeremie Pouly (PDF)

Thomas Temple (PDF)

Michael Terry (PDF)

Problem Set 2 (PDF) (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains: 32 .wcsp files and 1 .txt file.)

Lawrence Bush, Brian Bairstow, Thomas Coffee, and Shuonan Dong (PDF - 2.0 MB)

Problem Set 3 (PDF)


Problem Set 4 (PDF)