1 Answer the questions in "How Safe is Safe Enough?" (PDF) Lec #2
2 Select an accident report to present next week. Prepare presentation with the events, the identified causes, recommendations, and any deficiencies you may see in the report. If you cannot find an accident, you can use the American Airlines Cali crash. Lec #3
3 Read this accident report and find at least two instances of hindsight bias. (PDF) Lec #5
4 Take your accident and use CAST (Causal analysis based on STAMP) on it (use Safer World Chapter 11 as a reference). Create as much of a CAST causal analysis as you can. You can make up plausible parts of the model to make it more complete if the information is missing from the accident report you are using (e.g., what additional questions would you ask if you were the investigator)? What limitations did you find in the report? What additional recommendations might result if the additional information had been collected? Turn in a written report and also create a powerpoint presentation that presents any differences between the official accident report and your CAST analysis. Lec #6
  1. Start by identifying hazards, writing requirements, safety constraints, and a control structure (Level 1 of Intent Specification) for Nancy's Shuttle.
  2. Perform STPA (Systems-theoretic hazard analysis) on part of Nancy's Shuttle (further directions later).
  3. Complete a safety-directed design (Level 2 of Intent Specification) of Nancy's Shuttle. (PDF)

Lec #8 (part 1)

Lec #9 (part 2)

Lec #13 (part 3)

6 Create an Operations Safety Management Plan for Nancy's Shuttle Lec #10
  1. Does system-level analysis "excuse" the operator's actions? Does the just culture movement promote irresponsible behavior?
  2. Discuss the roles of quantitative vs. qualitative information in engineering.
Lec #11
8 What type of regulation exists in your industry? Is it effective? If there is none, should there be? Lec #12
9 Final Exam question: Have you changed your opinions about safety engineering in this class? Confirmed the old ones? What do you think is the most important lesson that you are taking away from the class? Lec #13