There are three programming projects for the class, one for each section of the course except the ODE section. They focus on applying numerical algorithms to aerospace applications.

Projects Supporting Files Solutions

Project 1 (PDF)

CalcForces.m (M)

cyl_adaptmesh.m (M)

cyl_initmesh.m (M)

cylgeom.mat (MAT)

eulerflux.m (M)

FVM.m (M)

SetRefineList.m (M)

SetupEdgeList.m (M)

SetupMesh.m (M)

wallflux.m (M)

(PDF - 1.4 MB)

Project 2 (PDF)

bladeheat.m (M)

bladeplot.m (M)

hpblade_coarse.mat (MAT)

hpblade_fine.mat (MAT)

hpblade_medium.mat (MAT)

findloc.m (M)

Thgas.m (M)


p2_matlabsol.txt (TXT)

Project 3 (PDF)

calcblade.m (M)

DesignIntent.m (M)

hpblade_coarse.mat (MAT)

loadblade.m (M)

MCdriver.m (M)

Screen.m (M)

Thgas.m (M)

trirnd.m (M)