There will be three quizzes worth 100 points each given during the term, and one quiz worth 100 points given during finals week. The fourth exam for the class is not cumulative in terms of material/information covered on the other three exams. However, you will be held responsible for the experimental techniques that we discuss throughout the course, which can be applied when studying a wide range of topics. Quiz review sessions will be held prior to each quiz.

If you feel that your answer was graded incorrectly, please submit a written explanation of your regrade request to the course professor. Please note that all quizzes are photocopied before they are returned to the students. Quizzes must be submitted for regrading by the deadlines announced in class.

Quizzes with Solutions

1 Lectures 1-5 (PDF)
2 Lectures 6-11 (PDF)
3 Lectures 12-18 (PDF)
4 Lectures 19-23 (PDF)