There are two assignments in this class.

Written Assignment

You are required to write a title and an abstract for a manuscript on fluorescent imaging that we will provide. An abstract should include a basic introduction of the subject, the important observations and the implication of the results. The total length of the abstract should be less than 150 words. The manuscript will be distributed on Ses #2, due by Ses #5, and discussed on Ses #6.

Oral Assignment

You will give a presentation to the class about a paper of your choice. These presentations will be during Ses #10. You should have selected your paper for approval by the instructors by Ses #8.

More Details

Each member of the course will present one paper on fluorescent imaging. The paper should be selected to demonstrate the strength of fluorescent imaging over other methods to address a biological question, such as gene expression or cell signaling. The length of the presentation will be around 10-20 minutes, followed by 3-5 minutes of questions and discussions. It is suggested that Microsoft® PowerPoint® be used as a visual aid. The goal is to develop your ability to communicate science to your peers. The first aim of the presentation is to introduce the background of the paper and then explain clearly what experiments were done. You should propose one future experiment in your last slide.