Assignment 1: Written Paper

You will be given a scientific paper without the title and the abstract. You will write a title and an abstract for the paper. The paper will be in distributed in Ses #4. The due date for your submission will be in Ses #5, and the following session we will discuss your titles and abstracts.

Assignment 2: Written Proposal Followed by Oral Presentation

You will write a four-page research proposal (font 12, double-spaced) about one of the topics discussed in class. Your research proposal should contain:

  1. A title
  2. A brief summary of the background
  3. A couple of specific aims
  4. Experimental design
  5. Possible outcome
  6. References

Describe the experimental setup with proper controls, and discuss the possible outcomes and implications of your results.

Your written proposal should be submitted in Ses #13, and your oral presentation will be on the day of our last class. Guidelines for Oral Presentation. (PDF)