Weekly Assignment

You are required to read both assigned papers and email to the instructor two questions for class discussion per paper before noon on the day of the class.

Assignment 1

On Ses #5, you will be given three scientific papers one of which will be discussed during Ses #4. You will write a brief report that compares the findings of each paper. In the report, you should be able to (a) discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each paper, (b) describe the key experiments and important control experiments and (c) explain the similarities and differences among the papers. Assignment 1 is due by Ses #8.

The three papers for this assignment are listed below:

Simonen, M., V. Pedersen, O. Weinmann, L. Schnell, A. Buss, B. Ledermann, F. Christ, G. Sansig, H. van der Putten, and M. E. Schwab. "Systemic Deletion of the Myelin-Associated Outgrowth Inhibitor Nogo-A Improves Regenerative and Plastic Responses After Spinal Cord Injury." Neuron 38 (2003): 201-211.

Kim, J. -E., S. Li, T. GrandPré, D. Qiu, and S. M. Strittmatter. "Axon Regeneration in Young Adult Mice Lacking Nogo-A/B." Neuron 38 (2003): 187-199.

Zheng, B., C. Ho, S. Li, H. Keirstead, O. Steward, and M. Tessier-Lavigne. "Lack of Enhanced Spinal Regeneration in Nogo-Deficient Mice." Neuron 38 (2003): 213-224.

Please see "How to write a good review paper" (PDF)

Assignment 2

You will choose a research paper related to one of the topics we have discussed in class and present this work as a short 15-minute oral presentation. The presentation should include: (a) background information about the subject, (b) a brief statement about why the research is important, (c) a description of the key experiment, the important and control experiments, (d) results of the research, and (e) conclusions and possible future applications of the research. Presentations will be made and discussed during the last class on Ses #13.

Please see "Assignment 2 Instructions" (PDF)