1 Introduction to bacterial stress response
2 Bleaching in cyanobacteria
3 Down in the deep blue: thriving in deep-sea vents
4 Cleaning up the Earth: bacteria and toxic chromium pollutants
5 Plants as pals in survival Articles for assignment 1 handed out
6 What's for dinner? Stress responses and food
7 Sticking together: biofilms Assignment 1 due
8 Combating reactive oxygen species and establishing infection
9 When viruses attack: phage shock response
10 Tug-of-war for Iron: bacterial mechanisms for evading host innate immunity and other bacterial species in order to acquire iron
11 Living well in freezing weather Article selection for oral presentations due
12 Raman spectroscopy for evaluation of bacterial survival
13 Various stress responses of Deinococcus
14 Oral presentations