For each reading listed below, each student will be expected to be able to provide explanations to a set of questions handed out at the start of the course (PDF)

1 Introduction to bacterial stress response  
2 Bleaching in cyanobacteria

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3 Down in the deep blue: thriving in deep-sea vents

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4 Cleaning up the Earth: bacteria and toxic chromium pollutants

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5 Plants as pals in survival

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6 What's for dinner? Stress responses and food

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7 Sticking together: biofilms

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8 Combating reactive oxygen species and establishing infection

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9 When viruses attack: phage shock response

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10 Tug-of-war for Iron: bacterial mechanisms for evading host innate immunity and other bacterial species in order to acquire iron

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11 Living well in freezing weather

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12 Raman spectroscopy for evaluation of bacterial survival

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13 Various stress responses of Deinococcus

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14 Oral presentations