Introduction and Overview

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What are the Central Components of a Synapse?

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Molecular Mechanisms of Synapse Formation and Identity

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Canonical Microcircuit: Development and Organizing Principles

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Molecular Basis of Synaptic Plasticity: Pre- and Postsynaptic Mechanisms

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Structural Plasticity: How Does Activity and Experience Change Synaptic Structures?

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Diversity of Synapses: Excitation & Inhibition

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Synaptic Learning Rules: Time and Space

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Correlates of Synaptic and Circuit Function with Behavior

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Regulatory Networks of Neuropsychiatric Disorders

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From Genes to Phenotypes: Animal Models of Human Diseases

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Modeling and Manipulating Neurological Disorders: In vivo and in vitro

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Drug Discovery for Neuropsychiatric Disorders: A Visit to Pfizer

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Final Assignment and Closing Remarks

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