Removed Clips for Video Lecture 17: Child Development

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Removed Clip 1: A video demonstrating how young children understand object permanence

See YouTube for similar videos.

Removed Clip 2: A video about Renee Baillargeon's children's show Magical Events

The video shown in class is not available online, however Vanderbilt University has provided a (much longer) video of Renee Baillargeon discussing what was learned from her children's show "Magical Events."

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This video is from Vanderbilt University on YouTube and is not provided under our Creative Commons license.

Removed Clip 3: A video about how young children understand conservation

See YouTube for similar videos.

Removed Clip 4: "A Change of Mind"

"A Change of Mind" (length 12 minutes). Program 26 from Scientific American Frontiers Introductory Psychology Video Collection. Worth Publishers, 2002.

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