Lecture Notes

Notes are available for selected lectures below.

1 Symmetry elements and operations (PDF)
2 Operator properties and mathematical groups (PDF)
3 Irreducible representations and character tables (PDF)
4 Molecular point groups I (PDF)
5 Molecular point groups II (PDF)
6 LCAO and Hückel theory I (PDF)
7 Hückel theory II (PDF)
8 N-dimensional cyclic systems (PDF)
9 Band theory in solids (PDF)

General electronic considerations of metal-ligand complexes (PDF)

11 Frontier molecular orbitals of σ-donor, π-donor and π-acceptor ligands (PDF)
12 Octahedral ML6 σ complexes (PDF)
13 Octahedral ML6 π complexes (PDF)
14 Angular overlap method and M-L diatomics (PDF)