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Energy, Environment, and Society is one of the classes at MIT focusing on energy. To learn more about other courses offered by MIT with energy themes, follow this link:
EnergyClasses at MIT

This class is also part of the enviroClasses database, a list of courses offered by MIT that specifically address environmental themes. To learn more about these courses, follow this link:
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MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI) Campus Energy Task Force and Programs

MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI) Education Activities

Resources for Students in Energy and the Environment

United Nations Intergovermnental Panel on Climate Change

22.081J / 2.650J / 10.291J / 1.818J / 2.65J / 10.391J / 11.371J / 22.811J / ESD.166J Introduction to Sustainable Energy

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City of Cambridge Climate Action Plan

Bioenergy Conversion Factors 

Solar Savings Estimator

Initial Report of the Energy Research Council (This resource may not render correctly in a screen reader.PDF - 2.4 MB)

Energy Information Administration

NOAA Carbon Tracker