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How Do We Do A Kitchen Experiment?

Explanation of different types of flour

Baking Brownies just right, cakey, chewy or fudgy

Commentary of how Cook's Illustrated Magazine optimized the brownie recipe: The Best Recipe by the Editors of Cook's Illustrated Magazine, Brookline, MA: Boston Common Press, 1999, pp. 434-436. ISBN: 9780936184388.

Fun Chocolate Links

Chocolate is being made in Hawaii, learn some fun facts about vintage chocolate

Health benefits of chocolate

Why do we crave chocolate?

Where does chocolate come from?

How are the cocoa beans processed to make chocolate?

Here's an actual chemical article about chocolate

Everything you did not want to know about chocolatehistorysciencechocolate facts to drive your roommate nuts!

Do you know the differences between the types of chocolate?


CheeseNet - this has lots on information under "the library."

Flow diagram of cheese making

Interested in Chevre?

Want to learn about Cabot Cheese (the Vermont cheese maker)?


Where does tofu come from?

History of tofu

Breast cancer prevention

Heart disease and cancer prevention

General health benefits


Article on what a marinade does

Health benefits of garlic

Think about food safety

Ginger FAQ


Chemistry of candy making

Want to learn about the history of lollipops?

You can take an entire course in candy making from University of Utah. Here is the syllabus


Want to improve the quality of the muffins?

What happens if you change the flour and vary the stirring time?

Root Beer

Everything you did not want to ask about root beer


How to make a cake

Watch how much leavening agent you add

What flour should you use?

Looking at ratios of ingredients

Ice Cream

FAQ of ice cream from the University of Guelph Food Science

Science and Ice cream

Sign up for the ice cream school

Step by step pictures and directions to make liquid nitrogen ice cream

Fruit Pizza

Should you eat the raw cookie dough?

Hints on preserving the look of the pizza

How can you speed ripen your fruit?

Peer Teaching

Since you are the teacher this week, feel free to assign your student reading assignments either in the book or on the Web.


Grilling beef (PDF)

Grilling vegetables (PDF)

Baked potatoes (PDF)