Assignment 2: A Prospectus for a Science Essay

For your researched science essay for the general public.

Due: One day after Session 10

Length: ~250 words (1 page)

The first stage in writing your science essay for the general public will be to develop and draft a prospectus. A prospectus is a valuable tool for writers, as it can help them develop their ideas and a feasible plan for a writing project. You will write a first version, meet with either me or the Writing Advisor to go over it, and then—if necessary—submit a revised version that shows you have a well thought out plan for the essay.

Your prospectus should describe each of the following in at least one paragraph:

  • The general topic of your essay and why you have chosen it.
  • The aspect of the topic or perspective you plan to focus on, and why.
  • Your target audience and the kind of journal or magazine you might envision this essay appearing in.
  • The basic purpose of the essay.
  • What you envision as the biggest challenges you’ll face in writing about this topic for a general audience.

It should be formatted as shown below, including the title and each of the bold-faced words or phrases as section headings:

Prospectus: For a science essay for the general public



Target Audience


Main Challenges

Use a standard 12 pt. font for the main text and 1.5 spacing of text within each section.

You should treat your prospectus as a guide for your science essay, rather than as a rigid “blueprint”. Some things may change, not only in response to comments on your prospectus, but even later through your research and drafting of the essay.