This syllabus is a rough sketch of our semester, particularly when papers are due, so that you may plan your time accordingly. Readings are referenced by authors' names. It is subject to change based on the needs of the class. Reading and essay assignments are noted here.

  • Homework is due at the next class meeting, unless otherwise noted.
1 Introductions

Course Overview
Homework 1 out
2 Creativity: Motivation and Inspiration

Writing: Voice and Sensibility
Homework 1 due

Homework 2 out
3 Creativity: Circumstances in which Creativity Flourishes (or doesn't)

Writing: Elements of the Essay-theme vs. Idea; Introductions and Conclusions; Description and Imagery; Characters

Background on Psychoanalysis

Introduce Dancemaker
Homework 2 due

Homework 3 out
4 Video Dancemaker (Paul Taylor)

Creating as a Social Act; Creating as a Physical Act; Fear, Joy, and Suffering as part of Creative Process
Homework 3 due

Homework 4 out
5 Discuss Dancemaker

Discuss Hawthorne and Jung: The Romantic Vision of the Artist

Play with Ideas for Essay I
Homework 4 due

Homework 5 out
6 Workshop Essay I in Pairs Homework 5 due

Homework 6 out
7 Creativity: The Creative Temperament - Does it Exist? Imagination and Knowledge

Writing Clinic: Introductions

Introduce Essay II
Homework 6 due

Homework 7 out
8 Video Maya Lin

Vision; Conflict; Persistence; Courage
Homework 7 due

Homework 8 out
9 Library Visit: Focusing Research; Using Electronic Resources; Using the Libraries at MIT Homework 8 due

Homework 9 out
10 Creativity: The Psychoanalytic Approach; Existentialism

Discuss Rollo May and Maya Lin

Writing: Theories and Definitions
Homework 9 due

Homework 10 out
11 Creativity: Discuss Hirschberg: Creativity in Organizations

Close Reading: Texts and Movies

Share Journals
Homework 10 due

Homework 11 out
12 Share Précis and Refine them

Free-write on Movie
Homework 11 due

Homework 12 out
13 Small Group Work on Research

Whole Class: Research Problems and Questions

Using Sources Responsibly
Homework 12 due

Homework 13 out
14 Workshop Essay II in Small Groups

Set up Conferences on Essay II
Homework 13 due

Homework 14 out
15 Workshop Essay II as a Class (3 Essays) Homework 14 due

Homework 15 out
16 Writing Clinic: Thesis; Integrating Quotations

Introduce Essay III

Share Journals
Homework 15 due

Homework 16 out
17 Creativity: How it Happens

Discuss Koestler and Boden
Homework 16 due

Homework 17 out
18 Work with Proposals and Refine Them

Writing Clinic: Transitions; Sentences
Homework 17 due

Homework 18 out
19 Workshop Essay III in Small Groups Homework 18 due

Homework 19 out
20 Workshop Essay III Whole Class (3 Essays) Homework 19 due

Homework 20 out
21 Conferences as Needed Homework 20 due

Homework 21 out
22 Video: Rediscovering Dave Brubeck Homework 21 due

Homework 22 out
23 Oral Presentations Homework 22 due

Homework 23 out
24 Oral Presentations (cont.) Homework 23 due

Homework 24 out
25 Oral Presentations (cont.)

Homework 24 due

Homework 25 out