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Exemplary Student Work

Featured below are student essays from three different semesters of this course. They are all used with permission and appear here courtesy of their authors.

Fall 2007

The following essays are examples of Essay III Sequence:

Amadeo, Desiree. "Building Green; Bridging the Gap Between Urban Living and Nature." (PDF)

Jarrell, Hannah. "The Genome: Have it Your Way." (PDF)

Faulk, Sean. "Make Way for the Robots." (PDF)

Spring 2004

The following essays are examples of Assignment IV Sequence:

Bonilla, Tabitha. "A Nightmare Realized." (PDF)

———. "Analysis: Understanding the Dream." (PDF)

Aziz, Abdulbasier. "Imagining the Future in Iraq." (PDF)

Fall 2003

The following essay is an example of Essay III Sequence:

Quinonez, Jaime. "Government Surveillance in the Digital Age." (PDF)