Throughout this course, you will complete six essay assignments. Use the links below to get information on each essay assignment.

Writing and Reading Profile

"Where I Come From" Piece

Literacy Narrative Essay

Open Topic Essay

Investigative Essay (You will write two drafts of this essay.)

General Guidance

Cardinal Rules for Submitting Papers

  1. Read your paper aloudafter it comes off the printer—to avoid computer editing problems and to find typing errors!

    Examples from some essays:

    "…if they are even capable of think that way at all."

    "There is nothing me from helping them…"

    "We currently live in world where…"

  2. NEVER EVER forget to insert page numbers!

  3. Check to make sure that your paper conforms to the MLA format conventions outlined in Easy Writer (pp. 246-52)!

  4. ALWAYS introduce a quotation with your own words and provide a context for why you are quoting something or someone! No "pigeon poop" (splat!) quotations!

  5. Remember that you are writing for an AUDIENCE of readers who are not familiar with the texts we have read or the conversations we have had!

  6. You must use the MLA IN-TEXT CITATION SYSTEM (parenthetical citations for quotations and direct references, Works Cited list at the end of the paper) in this class!