Class # Topics / Assignments
1 Introduction to course; introducing ourselves as products of our ethnicity and culture; reading and writing history assigned.
2 Reading Notes due for essays by Sanders, White. Reading/writing history discussed. Presenters.
3 Reading Notes for Rich and Steele essays. Assignment #1, Reading and writing history is due; bring 3 copies to class. Small group workshops.
4 Large group workshop; focus on revising content, form, and appeal to reader. Reading Notes due: "Growing Up Asian in America."
5 Revision #1 due. Reading Notes due for "No Name Woman" & "White Tigers." Discuss. Presenters.
6 Large group workshop on Revision #1. Essay 2 discussed; theory handout.
7 Reading Notes due for Cisneros and Soto stories & theory. Discussion. Presenters.
8 Essay #2 due; bring 3 copies for small group workshops; theory handout.
9 Group workshop of essay #2.
10 Revision #2 due. Reading Notes due for Caucasia selection. Assign't. 3 presented. Presenters.
11 Group workshop of revision #2.
12 Essay #3 due. Small group workshops-bring 3 copies. Theory handout.
13 Reading Notes due for "Mr. Pirzada" and handout. Discussion. Presenters.
14 Reading Notes due for "Shaman" & handout; discuss. Presenters.
15 Revision #3 due; large group workshop.
16 Reading Notes due for Alexie stories and handout. Discuss. Presenters.
17 Essay #4 due. Small group workshops.
18 Reading Notes due for "At the Western Palace." Discussion. Presenters.
19 Large group workshop on Essay #4 (returned for revision). View Smoke Signals (PM?).
20 Viewing/Reading Notes due: Smoke Signals, "Song for a Barbarian Reed Pipe," and handout. Presenters.
21 Revision #4 due. Small group workshops. Assignment 5 presented. View Mississippi Masala? (We'll schedule a time together.) Handout.
22 Essay #5 due. Small group workshops. (View Mississippi Masala?)
23 Viewing Notes due: Mississippi Masala & theory. Discuss. Presenters.
24 Retrospective essays discussed. Portfolios due. (Option: 1 revision later).
25 Retrospective essays due; small or large group workshop.
26 Revised and/or expanded retrospective essays due. Short reading or description of favorite piece of writing. (NO late papers!)