The primary focus of the class is the development of narrative projects. Projects can be web sites, computer games, live action role-playing games, videos or improv performances. Students are invited to propose interesting projects to illustrate their perspectives of the subject matter. All project proposals must be approved by the instructors.

Students have to complete three main projects, evenly scheduled through the semester:

  • Hypertext (individual or group) (Week 2-5)
  • Film/Performance (group) (Week 6-9)
  • Game (group) (Week 10-13)

At the end of a semester, an informal award ceremony will give bragging rights to students who have completed exceptional work. Below are the four major assignments due throughout the course of the term.

Assignment 1: a hypertext narrative. This will introduce you to techniques for creating non-linear and interactive narrative flow. Pay attention to design values (graphics, navigational strategies) as well as writing style. This may be a brief narrative, or the start of a longer piece you will owrk on through the semester.

Assignment 2: digital video. Create a short interactive digital video on any subject. You may--and should--work in small collaborative groups to capture video, cedit the video and program for interactivity.

Assignment 3: interactive game. Create an interactive game that employs a strong narrative pulse. Games may be digital, live action role playing LARP),board games or improvisational performance. Games may also be location-based mixture of above.

Assignment 4: final term project. Development of any of the above
assignments in greater depth.