1 Intro to Workshop
2 Class Discussion of Key Terms: Definitions of "Interactive", "Non-linear", "Narrative", "Moose". Past Projects
3 Recommendation: Visit Paul Pfeiffer Exhibit at List Visual Arts Center
4 Kurt Squire on Games

After Class: Read some Articles on Hypertext
5 Walter Holland on Gaming and Hypertext

PDAs Distributed
6 Zesiger Center Site Visit
What rhymes with "Zesiger"?

1st Assignment Development Time
7 Discussion of Mural at Zesiger Center, Review of Projects from Previous Years
8 Bill Arning, List Gallery curator, on Narrative (Real) Spaces and Curatorial Theory
9 Review of 1st Assignment
10 Review of 1st Assignment
11 2nd Assignment Discussion and Development Time
12 2nd Assignment Development Time
13 Four Simultaneous Film Screenings: Timecode
14 Discussion of Timecode
15 2nd Assignment Development Time
16 Review of 2nd Assignment
17 Glorianna Davenport on Interactive Cinema
18 Revenge of 2nd Assignment
19 Last 2nd Assignment for next 50 miles
20 Overflow Assignments, Live Action Roleplaying
21 Final Assignment Development Time
22 Final Assignment Development Time
23 Review of Final Assignment
24 Review of Final Assignment
25 Review of Final Assignment
26 Review of Final Assignment