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Big Names in Hypertext

Hamlet on the Holodeck Resource Page
Hamlet on the Holodeck used to be 21W.765J's textbook. The book was written by Janet Murray, who used to teach this class.

Excerpts from The Gutenberg Elegies
Sven Birkerts, who wrote The Gutenberg Elegies, was often depicted as Janet's nemesis by reporters who liked the word "nemesis".

Vannevar Bush Biography
Arguably, the whole concept of hypertext-as-technology really started back in the forties. The Bush Room is named after this guy. If you believe conspiracy theories, he's also a major player in the whole Roswell shebang.

As We May Think
Vannevar Bush's 1945 concept of an information system based on his experiences during WWII as Director of the Office of Scientific Research and Development.

Starting Over
Ted Nelson's home page. It's, uh, not very browser-friendly, but he might argue that that is precisely the point.

Home Page of Ted Nelson
Apparently, another home page. Rather more useful links. Check out Project Xanadu for meatier...uh, stuff.

Ted Nelson and Xanadu
A look at Ted Nelson, his terminology and what Xanadu is and isn't. A much shorter, older version is available from W3C.

The Curse of Xanadu
Of course, Wired gave their painfully technicolor $0.02 on Nelson.

Hypertext about Hypertext

W3C definition of "Hypertext"
"Text which is not constrained to be linear." They don't have a definition for "linear".

Actually verified links from University of Colorado at Denver.

A list of links compiled by a fellow at Duke thinking about Hypertext Fiction.

Glosses in Hypertext Studies
Links to various hypertext studies.

Internet Newsgroup dedicated to hypertext discussions
Internet Newsgroup dedicated to (digital) interactive fiction. Z-code is popular.
Another Internet Newsgroup dedicated to (digital) interactive fiction. More for players than for authors.


Student Story Sampler arranged by Genres
Really old student projects from this class, before 1999!

Victory Garden
By Stuart Moulthrop. 105 spaces, 500 links.

Michael Joyce
An annotated bibliography. Another prolific Eastgate author.

Little Leadings
Philip's contribution to sixteenth-century Lyon. Simple multithreaded fiction.


E-Publishing and Hypertext Publishing
E-journal discussion of hypertext publishing several essays discussing the implications of hypertext on academic argument.

Jumping Off
Shadow of an informand-hypertextual hypertext theory by Stuart Moulthrop.

The Victorian Web and Postcolonial and Postimperial Literature
Hypertextual approaches to the aggregation of genre narrative by George Landows.


Mind Control
A project from 2000, a different spin on hypertext. By Jordan Alperin.

Duck Pond
It's like being right there.

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The Bare Bones Guide to HTML
Comprehensive cheatsheet of HTML commands.