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Philip's Links

Genres of hypertext
Past student projects from this class. Have a look, form your opinions, note how many ways you can present a story in hypertext.

The Fray
Interaction via the sharing of personal accounts. Note how the design of the site emphasizes the wealth of responses.

Little Leadings
Woodcut visual style and typefaces connect with textual story. Subtle visual cues to indicate progress of story and characters.

Rania Khalaf - Bubbles
Colloquial writing and visual cues reinforce different personalities. Very strong characterization in the writing.

Student Selections

The Brunching Shuttlecocks
Look at the 'Good or Bad?' page. Shared opinions over miscellaneous topics.

The Marathon Story site
An academic exercise in dissecting the plot of a computer game. Note the cross-genre literary references and how they affect the interpretation of the story.

Assassin: Kill Celebrities
User-controlled pacing of animated narratives. Basic interaction implicates user in 'authorizing' the 'assassinations'.
Growing, segmented stories over time. Back-threads of stories lead to related and highly different stories.

Animated graphical expression of emotions. Use of atmospheric sound.

Rapidly aggregative commentary on stories, with collaborative rating system that determines introductory stories.

Descriptions reveal stories of items being auctioned.

This resource may not render correctly in a screen reader.The Illuminatus Trilogy
Original material refers to wealth of backstory, expanded and researched by readers in a number of formats.

Small Town USA
Game element adds narrative tension and time limit to multithreaded story. Dramatic conclusions.

Unamerican Activities stickers
Every sticker reveals a story when clicked. Users can contribute new slogans. A series of stickers reveals poetic consistency.

The Onion
Uses newspaper format to present (largely) humorous fiction. Also see What Do You Think with a seemingly recurrent series of characters.

Deuce of Clubs: 666 Cough Syrup
Ongoing episodic real-life saga with documentary evidence and photographs. Consistent tone.

Comedy Central
Parody perspectives on current affairs and trends.

Apparently there's an interactive story here somewhere, but we couldn't find it.