Session 2

The 'Crisis in Journalism' and Digital Inequalities

There's also a lot of talk about participatory media as a panacea for the supposed crisis. We'll ground that conversation in terms of what we know about digital inequalities.

  • In-class logistics: Confirm blog accounts, scribe plan, roles: sessionly discussion facilitators, etc. (20 min)
  • Discussion of posts (25 min)
  • Crisis in Journalism (40 min)
  • 10 min break
  • 40 min: Digital inequality
  • 45 min: small group exercise: build a theoretical model of digital inclusion. Report back.

Note re blog posts: your blog post can be a comment, or a standalone post. Be sure to select the category 'Intro to Civic Media' when you create posts!

Note re: facilitation, scribing/blog teams: don't forget to sign up for a facilitation/scribe/blog team for a session that interests you! Do this by selecting the session's title in the Google doc and adding your name in a comment.

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