Session 9

Net Culture, Civic Remix, and Kony2012.

How are netizens shaping messages and using digital tools to disseminate and grow campaigns and movements? How do fans apply their values to real world campaigns? How did netizens take action on the net around SOPA/PIPA? What is Kony 2012, how is it related to offline organizing and larger debates about messaging? How does internet "success" relate to real world goals?

Visitor: Scot Osterweil, Games for Change

In class:

  • Scot Osterweil talks (45 min)
  • 5 min break
  • Konypalooza.(60 min)
  • NewsJacking and #hurricanehacking (1 hour 1 min)
    • Hands-on workshop: [#hurricanehacking!]
    • In groups of 2–3, create an annotated critique of Kony2012 (using critical commons, Zeega, popcorn js, macro generators, or any tool of your choice. And/or:

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