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PHILIP TAN: So one thought that I have for educators who are running those classes is be very clear to yourself and then to the students about whether you are running a class about game design, or game programming, or project management. When we started this class, we were trying to be as clear as possible to the students. This is a class project management. You will do all those other things in the process of this class, and many of you are here for that reason. But that's the important thing that we want you to understand.

And it is important because it gives you clarity as an educator on how you're going to be assessing your students, how you're going to be teaching your students, what you're going to be valuing over the other. The game can be poorly designed and maybe have bugs, but the team clearly understands how to communicate with each other. Well, that is a team that should be awarded for their work, at least in the version that we teach.

Other schools are definitely free to have a different perspective on this. It could be about the quality of code. It could be about how brave the students were when it came to design. And you can award it accordingly, but you've got to be very, very clear both to yourself and to the students.

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