Comparative Media Studies

Photo of graffiti on a wall featuring a woman taking a picture.

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The MIT Comparative Media Studies (CMS) program is committed to the art of thinking across media forms, theoretical domains, cultural contexts, and historical periods. Our work encourages the bridging of theory and practice, as much through course work as through participation in faculty and independent research projects.

The goal of our program is not to replicate existing paradigms, but as an early CMS backer said, to prepare students for jobs that don't yet exist. We consult regularly with leaders in industry, the arts, public policy, journalism, education, and the nonprofit sector, trying to understand contemporary developments, identify job and internship opportunities, and pinpoint skills and knowledge which will help prepare our students for new opportunities.

Our courses are designed to teach students to both make and reflect upon media and in the process, to acquire important skills in team work, leadership, problem solving, collaboration, brainstorming, communications, and project completion, which will prepare them for a broad range of academic and professional careers.


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Comparative Media Studies Courses

Archived Comparative Media Studies Courses

Some prior versions of courses listed above have been archived in OCW's DSpace@MIT repository for long-term access and preservation. Links to archived prior versions of a course may be found on that course's "Other Versions" tab.

Additionally, the Archived Comparative Media Studies Courses page has links to every archived course from this department.