Lecture Notes and Handouts

The handouts contain graphs that are referenced during each lecture. Handouts are not available for lectures 14, 24, and 25. 

Lecture Notes Handouts

Notes for Lectures 1–7 (PDF)


Supply and Demand

Consumer Theory

Handout 1 (PDF)

Handout 2 (PDF)

Handout 3 (PDF)

Handout 4 (PDF)

Handout 5 (PDF)

Handout 6 (PDF)

Handout 7 (PDF)

Notes for Lectures 8–17 (PDF)


Production and Costs

Welfare Economics


Other Market Structures

Handout 8 (PDF)

Handout 9 (PDF)

Handout 10 (PDF)

Handout 11 (PDF)

Handout 12 (PDF)

Handout 13 (PDF)

Handout 15 (PDF)

Handout 16 (PDF)

Handout 17 (PDF)

Notes for Lectures 18–25 (PDF)


International Trade


Capital Supply and Capital Markets

Equity and Efficiency

Taxation and Redistribution

Social Insurance

Handout 18 (PDF)

Handout 19 (PDF)

Handout 20 (PDF)

Handout 21 (PDF)

Handout 22 (PDF)

Handout 23 (PDF)