Lecture Slides

Note: There are no lecture slides from sessions 10 and 24. 

Lecture 1: Introduction and Overview I (PDF)

Lecture 2: Introduction and Overview II (PDF)

Lectures 3–4: Time Preferences (Theory) (PDF - 1MB)

Lectures 5–6: Time Preferences (Applications) (PDF - 1.2MB)

Lectures 7–8: Risk Preferences (PDF - 1.5MB)

Lecture 9: Reference-Dependent Preferences (PDF)

Lectures 11–13: Social Preferences (PDF - 2MB)

Mid-Term Review (PDF)

Lecture 14: Attention (PDF)

Lectures 15–16: Utility from Beliefs; Learning (PDF - 1.0MB)

Lecture 17: State-Dependent Preferences, Projection, and Attribution Bias (PDF)

Lecture 18: Gender, Discrimination, and Identity (PDF)

Lecture 19: Defaults, Nudges, and Frames (PDF)

Lecture 20: Malleability and Inaccessibility of Preferences (PDF - 5MB)

Lecture 21: Poverty through the Lens of Psychology (PDF)

Lecture 22: Happiness and Mental Health (PDF)

Lecture 23: Policy with Behavioral Agents (PDF - 1MB)