Problem set 1

Phase transitions in the Erdös-Renyi model

Clustering in the configuration model

Clustering in the small world model

Problem set 2

Degree distribution in networks

Navigation time for an analog of Kleinberg's grid-based navigation model

Comparison of SIR (susceptible, infected, removed) model with the Erdős-Renyi random graph model

Small world network vs. random graph: computational problem


Pajek tutorial (Tutorial by Lada Adamic) (PDF)

Problem set 3

Iterated elimination of strictly dominated strategies

Iterated elimination of strictly dominated strategies in Cournot competition

Competition with capacity constraints

Bertrand competition with different marginal costs

The rotten kid theorem

Problem set 4

Sudoku as a game of cooperation

Network formation game of Lecture 12

The stag hunt game, a game of social cooperation

The chain store paradox

Problem set 5

Cooperation over social networks

Network effects

Bertrand competition under imperfect information

Herding with crazy types

Additional problems

Multitype Erdös-Renyi random graph model

Navigating a structured network on a hypercube

Sequential duel

Choosing the estate tax rate as an extensive form game

Voter equilibrium

The Colonel Blotto game